Jury Security Services

Our security experts at Jury Security Services are experts in the operations, asset value, and demands of a variety of sectors. Your industry’s specific security plans are adjusted to your company’s size, location, and activity level. They are further tailored to your business.

We provide our security services in two ways: on-site and short-term, depending on the needs of various industries. To fulfill the security of consumers and employees while ensuring the smooth functioning of your company, rely on our friendly, professional, and highly trained security staff.

Mobile patrol: To keep access control and asset protection in place, the company has active security patrols 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Security guards: When patrolling your premises, security personnel are trained to identify, evaluate, and respond to threats with record response times.

More Services Offered by Jury Security

Access Screening Security Guard

Security guards provide professional access screening services to ensure the safety and security of your premises.

Alarm Response

Alarm Response Guard service provides 24/7 rapid response to alarm activations for residential and commercial properties.

Aviation Services

Aviation Guard provides professional security services to the aviation industry.

Campus Security

Secure campus environment through 24/7 guard service and proactive patrolling.

Cash Protective Services

Cash Protective Services provides secure cash delivery and management services to businesses.

CCTV And Surveillance Security Guard

CCTV and Surveillance Security Guard Services provide 24/7 monitoring and protection for businesses.

Commercial And Industrial Security Services

Commercial and industrial security services protect businesses from theft, vandalism, and other threats.

Concierge Security Guard

A Concierge Security Guard provides superior customer service and protection for clients.

Construction Site Security

Security guard ensuring safety of workers and equipment on construction site.

Emergency Security Guards

Emergency Security Guards provide protection and guard against any potential hazards.

Event Security

Event Security Guards provide protection and peace of mind at events and gatherings.

Government Site Security Guards

Government site security guards protect personnel and property from potential threats.

Mall Security Guards

Mall security guards ensure safety of customers and staff, and prevent theft and crime.

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile Patrol Security Guards provide quick response, ongoing patrols, and visible deterrence for a variety of sites.

Public Safety Security Guards

Public Safety Security Guards protect people and property by providing a visible deterrent to crime.

Residential Security

Residential Security Guards provide reliable protection and peace of mind to homeowners.

Restoration Site Security Guard Services

Guard services protect restoration sites from unauthorized access and vandalism.

School Security Guard

School Security Guards ensure student safety and monitor campus activities to provide a secure environment for students and staff.

Security & Protective Services

Security & Protective Services Guards provide security & protection to clients and their property.

Uniformed Security Guards

Uniformed Security Guards provide a visible deterrent to crime and maintain safety and security.

Want to know more?


Monitoring safety, enforcing regulations, protecting Students.


Safety, monitoring, access control, fencing, barriers, alarms, etc.


Protecting people, Information and property at events.


Monitoring of public or private areas using cameras for safeguarding.


Guarding property and deterring crime with mobile security guards.


Protection of people & property in areas from unauthorized intrusion.