Secure your premises with Access Screening Security Guard. Professional protection you can trust.

Access Screening Security Guards can help maintain the safety and security of individuals and property.

They can provide a visible deterrent to criminal activity by monitoring entrances, exits, and other areas of a facility. They can also check identification and perform bag/package searches to help prevent the introduction of contraband or weapons. They can also provide escorts and perform building patrols to ensure that the premises are secure. In addition, they can respond to emergency situations, help evacuate buildings, and provide first aid assistance.


Access Screening Security Guards provide an extra layer of security and protection to your property, deterring crime and keeping people safe.


Access Screening Security Guards are highly trained and experienced professionals who are capable of handling any situation that may arise.


Access Screening Security Guards act as a visible deterrent, helping to keep people away from areas they should not be.

Monitoring safety, enforcing regulations, protecting Students.


Safety, monitoring, access control, fencing, barriers, alarms, etc.


Protecting people, Information and property at events.


Monitoring of public or private areas using cameras for safeguarding.


Guarding property and deterring crime with mobile security guards.


Protection of people & property in areas from unauthorized intrusion.

The Importance of Access Screening Security Guards – Keeping Your Facility Safe

Security is one of the most important aspects of an organization, and in today’s world, organizations are required to be extra cautious. Organizations with sensitive information or assets need security that is not only effective but also ethical. The best option for organizations seeking security services is access control, which has been around since the early 1900s and has seen a significant rise in demand over the years.

Access control services are used by various organizations to limit access to specific areas or assets. They ensure high security standards and can help an organization save money. In this blog post, we will tell you about the benefits of access control and why you should consider hiring them for your organization.

Officer Screening

Access screening is an important security measure that helps prevent access to areas of a facility where unauthorized personnel are prohibited. It involves engaging the help of on-site security guards to conduct a security check on people who enter the premises. On-site guards can be hired with the help of a security agency, or you could also enlist the help of your local law enforcement agency.

Access screening is crucial for ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to critical facilities and sensitive assets. Besides, it helps strengthen your overall security posture. But before availing the services of on-site guards, it is essential to know about their various roles and responsibilities.

A security guard performs various functions for a client including providing safety and security at the premises, responding to calls, and assisting customers with any queries they may have. They can also serve as a watchman and assist in crowd control. Additionally, they are tasked with identifying criminals and intruders, patrolling grounds and securing entrances/exits.

Our Screening Process

Jury Security uses a comprehensive screening process when hiring security officers. This includes a 10-year employment background check, a Personal reference check, and a Drug screening. Orientation testing and evaluation sessions are included in the screening process to ensure that security officers meet the company’s requirements.

It is important to remember that client involvement and recommendations are also taken into consideration during this process. All elements of the screening process aim to ensure that security officers who work for Jury Security are fit for the job and provide a safe, effective, and professional service to our customers and clients.

Safety and Security Officer

Access control and security is an important part of any organization’s security framework. These professionals keep the premises secure by checking IDs and ensuring that only authorized personnel access the premises. They are responsible for checking the access of outsiders at all points. Also, they are accountable for maintaining a safe environment within the premises. Moreover, they are responsible for assessing the risks involved before deploying security measures and implementing safety protocols.

Safety and security officers ensure that all systems, hardware, software, and other assets within their responsibility are kept secure. They also monitor access control systems to ensure that no unauthorized person or entity enters or exits the premises or facility.

They are responsible for carrying out assignments given to them by their superiors in the organization as per security policies and procedures and take care of overall security of property, people, and assets within their jurisdiction.

Security Officer

Access Control Officers are responsible for maintaining access control procedures for restricted facilities by ensuring positive personnel identification. Visitors 18 and over are required to present a valid photo ID upon entering. Aviation Security Officers must have access to reliable transportation and undergo background checks from the Human Resources department before becoming New employees. The Chief information security officer performs additional personnel screening for users with access to mission-critical information resources. Additionally, the duties of an Access Control Officer vary based on the organization and facility in which they work. They may be responsible for overseeing access control at a nuclear power plant or airport, for example.

Access Control Officers play an important role in ensuring that all visitors to a facility are aware of their access requirements and can easily identify authorized individuals when needed.

What is Access Control?

Jury Security is a nationwide access control security company that provides customers with 24/7 protection, licensed and insured security services. Whether you are looking for armed or unarmed security personnel to protect your business or property, Jury Security has the right people for the job. They deliver COVID-19 crisis-specific expertise and access control security solutions to meet all of your security needs. Additionally, Jury Security offer high-quality access control security services for retail stores, shopping malls, cruise ships, entertainment industry, restaurants, and more. They have been in the access control security business for more than seven years and are experts in providing reliable and cost-effective services to businesses across the country.

How Does Access Control Work?

Security companies offer services that help businesses and organizations protect their valuable assets from theft and damage. They use access control, such as requiring a legitimate user account and password to gain access to system resources, to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials.

They also protect services by limiting access to only those users who have been authorized to use them. By deploying various types of security measures, security companies help ensure that only authorized users can access data or services. They also analyze the effectiveness of their services through feedback from customers. Finally, security companies use advertising and feedback to determine what parts of their service needs improvement.

Why You Should Hire Our Access Control Security Team?

We have access control security teams available 24/7 and are fully licensed and insured. Our teams are specially trained to de-escalate violent situations and protect people, property, and the environment from harm. We conduct thorough background checks and interviews to ensure the quality and expertise of our security team. Whether you are a business or a home owner, we guarantee to have a solution for your security needs.

Our access control security teams can help keep your business or home safe and secure by providing a reliable, professional safeguard against unwanted entry or unauthorized access. So if you are looking for an effective way to protect your business or home from intruders, vandalism, or other forms of harm, turn to our access control security team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a screening guard?

A screening guard’s responsibilities typically include the following:

1. Acting as a deterrent to crime and rule infractions by patrolling their assigned posts and warning offenders of the consequences of their actions

2. Detecting and reporting suspicious, unsafe or criminal acts near their assigned posts

3. Ensuring the safety of property, clients, guests and employees at the site by monitoring activities and providing reports on any violations or suspicious behavior

4. Responding quickly to any emergencies or threats that may occur at the site

What is a security screening process?

A security screening process is a series of security measures that are taken to confirm the identity and credentials of personnel or vehicles accessing a particular site. This may include checking the credentials of individuals, inspecting their vehicle, or performing a foot or vehicle patrol of the perimeter.

Additionally, guards must monitor alarm systems and investigate any suspicious activity in order to comply with established procedures and regulations. They may also be asked to provide testimony in court or testify on the results of security screenings.

What is Site access screening?

Site access screening is the process of verifying the identity and credentials of individuals who are seeking access to a facility. This may include verifying their identities through metal detectors, pat-downs, x-ray screenings of personal property, and other physical searches. In some cases, such as Arlington National Cemetery, visitors 16 and 17 years old may require an adult/chaperone to be cleared for entry.

Why You Should Hire Our Access Control Security Team?

Hiring an access control security team is a great way to protect your business and assets.

Our team is available 24/7 and can help you secure your business by preventing unauthorized entry, protecting your merchandise, and restricting access to certain areas. We use multi-factor authentication as a layer of security, which prevent unauthorized users from accessing your business.

We also provide proper engagement, training, and advancement opportunities for our personnel. This means that they’re able to grow with your business and learn new skills as needed.

When Should You Hire Unarmed Security Guards?

Whenever you’re considering whether or not to hire unarmed security guards, it’s important to consider the benefits of doing so.

Some of the key benefits of hiring unarmed security guards include the following:

– They can deter theft and vandalism by providing a visible and reassuring presence in your property.

– Unarmed guards are often less expensive than armed guards and can provide better customer service.

– They can provide a more visible presence, helping to deter potential criminals.

What do employee screenings include?

Employee screenings typically include background checks, criminal checks, and credit history reports. Physical property searches, pat-down searches, and walk-through metal detectors may also be included. Employee screening processes must adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies and reasonable accommodation policies . Financial suitability, selective service, and social security number requests may also be included in the employee screening process.